Armstrong is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturing companies, which began its journey from a tiny loft in new jersey to its north american headquarters in miami, florida. Today we are well known for our passion for innovation, cutting edge technology and premium products produced by quality-focused people. With over 100 years’ record of improving mobility, armstrong tyres are proven to be the best on the road. We are committed to precision and craftsmanship offering premium, value driven experience for today`s savvy customer.



In a tiny loft of a building in Garfield, New Jersey, George Armstrong, a tire dealer followed his calling and founded Armstrong Rubber Company in 1912. The company ventured into manufacturing of tube and pneumatic tyres. This marked the beginning of an iconic journey of a tyre brand called Armstrong.


Within a decade, the United States witnessed the growth of Armstrong across its territories. With its operations expanding, the company had to purchase a small defunct tire manufacturing concern in West Haven, Connecticut to cater to the growth.


In 1961, the net sales of the company exceeded $200 million and the Fortune 500 had a new entrant: Armstrong, as the Fifth-Largest Tyre Maker in The World.


The era of innovations and inventions started with the introduction of the first bias-belted fiberglass tire by the company.


High with growth and innovations, the Armstrong Rubber Company got a new home. Designed by internationally renowned architect Michael Brauer, the new headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut was a $7 million marvel.


Armstrong attained a Record Sales Volume worth $1 Billion


Armstrong became Pirelli Armstrong Tyre Corporation after being acquired by Pirelli S.p.A.


Pirelli Phased out the Armstrong brand in the latter half of the 1990’s


Newly Re-engineered, Armstrong brand returns to the tyre industry as an independent entity.


Newly reengineered, the Armstrong brand returned to the tyre industry, continuing the Armstrong legacy of making premium products by quality-minded people.


Armstrong launched in Europe.


To re-engineer, re-design, and re-create the way tyres are produced, sold, bought and used, developing Next Generation tyres that are innovative and premium offering exemplary value for users across passenger, light truck, commercial or agricultural segments.


Our passion is driven by the tires which drive vehicles. For us, tire is not just a consumer product; it is at center of the whole driving experience an individual can have. Our vision is to develop tires that talk to the roads below them and communicate with the vehicle and the people sitting inside, ensuring an experience of confidence, trust and comfort.