Global tire manufacturer and distributor ZAFCO partnered with Van Den Ban, Europe’s total tire supplier, to launch Armstrong Tire’s European business during The Tire Cologne 2018 show in Germany.

Once a Fortune 500 company, Armstrong Tire, established in 1912 by George F. Armstrong in New Jersey, has risen from a long period of dormancy.

“We want to stay true to the Armstrong legacy of craftsmanship, which is why we set up a brand new state-of-the-art Non-Chinese manufacturing facility with the best German and Japanese machinery to produce premium and top class passenger car and truck and bus quality products. Every single tire that leaves our factory undergoes an x-ray to ensure the highest quality,” said Zafar Hussain, executive director of Zafco.

Armstrong’s summer passenger tire range includes a line-up of three patterns: Blu-Trac PC (passenger), Blu-Trac HP (ultra high performance), and Tru-Trac SU (SUV). The Tru-Trac name is a homage to the highly popular Armstrong Tru Trac pattern from the 20th century.

The Armstrong Tire passenger and light truck range comes embedded with the ‘TUFF 360 warranty program, a comprehensive warranty inspired by Armstrong’s beloved mascot, Tuffy the rhino.

The goal of ZAFCO and Van Den Ban’s partnership is to combine their unique strengths as a manufacturer and distributor to bring Armstrong tyres to Europe.

“With Armstrong, we add another value to our portfolio,” said Frans van Lenten, managing director of Van den Ban Group. “And we create value for our customers based on heritage & future continuity and on a large range & quality.”

Source: tirereview