Armstrong’s team promises and delivers highest quality tyres and service to our customers. We share values that guide us to focus on our mission and vision. Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Assured Quality and Commitment of the Best in products, service , innovation, practices, processes, ethics and thought leadership
  • Workplace safety and wellness for our people. Our belief that our people are our true assets makes Armstrong one of the best places to work at.
  • Care for environment and communities. We believe no business can survive without caring for the environment and the communities we operate in. We have a long-term commitment to conserving environment and safeguarding interests of various communities.
  • Honesty is our only Policy – we not only believe it but practice it. We are honest with our customers, employees, and all stakeholders.
  • Constant Learning is the key to Success. We encourage feedback from our customers, associates, employees, vendors and seek their views to make our products and service better than yesterday. It is this learning aptitude that helps us innovate and stay ahead of others in the business.
  • Collaborative Problem Solving.Whatever problems or issue we face, we take along all stakeholders and resolve it in a way to ensure no one is at a disadvantage because of the resolution.