Let Your Dream Machine Zoom on the Best Tyres

Your dream machine can zoom at full power only when its powerful engine is supported by a set of quality tyres. The tyre that carries your car is not just a black circular chunk of rubber, but a vital component of your vehicle that ensures not just the thrill of speed, but also safety, especially during tough driving conditions.

Armstrong tyres are crafted with passion and precision. Made with cutting-edge technology coupled with our experience of more than a century, our tyres will give you the best driving experience time and time again. With advances in automobile technology, tires have also undergone a great deal of transformation in the past few decades. With constant innovation, our tyres come with the promise of durability, better cornering and traction, smoother driving experience and above all, safety. Armstrong tyres are, without a doubt, the best value tyres you can find for your car.

Committed to making top-quality tyres, we at Armstrong adopt a 360-degree approach so that our customers can have complete peace of mind and enjoy their drives without any hassles. Our extensive quality control system monitors the tyre quality right from designing stage to engineering and shipment, thereby ensuring that once you get your car fitted with our tyres, you forget all your driving woes.

Keeping the changes in market trends at the fore, we use various advanced testing equipment and our experienced quality assurance team members conduct quality checks not just at the factory floor level but also at many testing stations for speed, endurance, impact test and rolling resistance. Thanks to our constant rigorous quality control and monitoring, you enjoy better vehicle handling, improved wet grip, enhanced traction, better fuel efficiency, more tread rigidity, and best possible performance on the roads that good tyres can give. As buyers have been happy with our tyres, the result of all the positive feedback is that more and more independent dealers are signing up to sell Armstrong tyres.

You may want to know the advantages of tubeless tyres. They look and are the same as conventional tyres, except for the fact that they have no tube inside.  An airtight seal keeps the air trapped between the tyre and the rim. Since there is no chance of the tube getting pinched between the tyre and the rim, the struggle with untimely punctures doesn’t happen at all. What’s more? You may fill up tubeless tyres with liquid sealants. In case some sharp object pokes the tyre and makes a hole, the sealant will ooze out and seal the hole/cut, and you can continue to drive for long distances. In case of a puncture due to coming in contact with a sharp object, the air escapes extremely slowly in a tubeless tyre compared to a tube which lets out air very swiftly, resulting in abrupt journey stops or more fatal risks if you are driving at a high speed. Since tubeless tyres are lighter than regular tyres, they place less strain on your car engine and result in higher fuel efficiency.

Continuously investing in creating the benchmark of excellence, we are determined to add more value to our tyres. We don’t treat our tyres as just another product to be sold, we create tyres that converse with the streets they move on, that promise safety and comfort to the people sitting in the vehicle and are completely dependable at all times and in all driving conditions. Armstrong tires are here to take you places!