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Europe may have a sophisticated rail and air travel network, but the best way to discover its hidden treasures and scenic beauty at leisure is by road. This series of blogs will explore different facets of road trips in the continent. All that is left for you to do is to ensure your vehicle and tyres are road trip ready before you set off!

Five Tips for a Family Road Trip

If there’s one thing that every family looks forward to, it’s a family road trip. The summer vacation brings with it a great chance for parents to take their kids someplace away from home and unwind in some exotic or scenic location, far removed from their hectic life in urban areas. Everybody wants their trips to be inch perfect. They want it to be as epic as possible. That’s why many prefer to drive to these locations. This gives them the freedom to travel at their own pace.

Most of the times when we prepare for a road trip, we always think about the bare essentials and never plan in advance for the little things that really matter. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 5 tips that we believe will make your journey that much more enjoyable.

  1. Plan your rest stops: This is one of the most forgotten tricks that people rarely utilize. Most people like to wing it, stopping only when everybody actually feels like taking a rest. The advantage of planning your rest stops is that you can spend more time on the road and explore other areas along your route. Making your journey that much more fun.
  2. Play games along the way: A great way to pass time and have a good time with your kids is to play fun little games with them. It could be counting the cars of a specific colour, finding letters on the road, or just play rhyming and singing games. This helps you lose time while spending some quality time with your folks.
  3. Stock up on everything in advance: You never know what you might need and when you might need it. It’s always a good idea to keep spare food, clothing, chargers, and first aid handy. Stock up well in advance, rather than waiting for something to happen. Finding something you need in the middle of a place you know nothing about becomes very hard.
  4. Turn up the music: A lot of people like to enjoy a quiet ride to wherever they’re going. The thing about music is that it has the power to make your trip all the more exciting. A good song on the road can elevate everyone’s energy to greater levels.
  5. A spare tyre spares you trouble: Always have a spare tyre ready for any road trip. Especially if its rugged roads that you are dealing with. An easier way is to use a tough pair of tyres that can scale any terrain and last for a long time. Armstrong tyres come with a long history and a legacy of making the toughest tyres in the market. Find out more about our tyres here.