When To Replace Tyres

When To Replace Tyres

Tyre Replacement

Maintain your tyres to prolong their life span. However, eventually tyres will wear out and will require replacement. Tyre Replacement is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Not only this, but it greatly influences vehicle life span and performance.  As such a driver ought to know when and how a tyre should be replaced.

Replacement is required in any of the following cases:

  • If the treads are worn out and tread bars are visible, it is time to replace the tyre.
  • If there is severe Tyre Erosion or it is impossible to repair due to tyre puncture.
  • If there are small cracks (called crazing) in the sidewalls, it is time to replace the tyres. There may be visible damage in the sidewalls bubbles, blisters, cuts or cracks. In such cases, you should not take the risk of driving with the tyres.

Few Tips:

  • Replacing one of the two tyres on the same axle unbalances the vehicle. So, it`s is better to replace two tyres on one axle at the same time.
  • Ideally all four tyres should be replaced at once. However, in case you choose to replace only two, use them at the rear axle of the vehicle. This gives better stability to the vehicle

How Tyres are replaced?

Tyre Replacement should be done only by a professionally trained and experienced technician.

  1. First the tyre is removed from the vehicle
  2. Once the old tyre is completely separated, New Tyre is put in its place
  3. Tyre balance is Checked
  4. The newly fitted tyre in properly installed on the vehicle.