Why UK Roads Requires Tough Tyres?

You might be sensible and careful while driving to make sure your car is well maintained. You might even follow the maintenance schedule and car care routine to the T, but, there is one aspect of driving that is not in your control and it can put your car’s suspension system and tyres under much duress. We are talking about Potholes and bad road conditions.

In the UK, constant rain and extreme weather conditions assault the tarmac road. During summer, the extreme heatwave could crack up the road and your summer tyres, and during the winter the rain could fill up the potholes freezing over attacking your winter tyres or even seep through your tyres and damage them.

This is why UK roads need tough tyres that can last through all seasons, and withstand the damages done by the potholes.

Before we get to the part where we discuss the best road tyres for the UK roads, we need to understand the way these road conditions damage your car’s systems and parts.

What damages are caused by potholes?

Potholes are not something that can be avoided while driving though UK roads, they come varying sizes and if stuck in traffic, you can’t even sight them to veer away from them.

Damages to the suspension system

Your car’s suspension system is designed to take the load and shocks while driving on a normal well-made tarmac road. Even with a speed bump, there is a gradual curve that will ensure that the pressure on the suspension system is gradual and not harmful. But potholes don’t offer any such respite, when you bump over the potholes your suspension system’s struts and shock absorbing spring have to take a lot of undue stress suddenly, going above their designed limit. This impact loading’s consequences may not be apparently seen immediately but will definitely affect your driving experience in the long run.

Damages to your tyres

Tyres bear the brunt of the potholes to a large extent. Since tyres are the part of the car that hit the pothole, they damage much more. The sudden dip in the road locks the tyre causing extensive tyre damage and scraping along the sides, damaging the sidewall of the tyre as well.

The sudden pressure increase on the suspension system could translate to the tyres as well.  Causing misalignment of tyres, uneven wear and also can severely damage the wheel rims and damage the undercarriage as well.

A solution to the damages caused by Potholes

The best solution to problems caused by potholes is to make sure you have the best road tyres in the UK – they should be tough tyres and be and all-weather tyres to make sure that sure the traction doesn’t change in summer as well as while aquaplaning through water-logged potholes.

Armstrong tyres, reflect our mascot – Tuffy the Rhino’s, toughness, resilience and strength in our tyres. Our tyres are engineered to deliver precision and excellent craftsmanship so our consumers are assured of a premium, high-quality tough tyres.  The summer tyres range – BLU TRAC PC, BLU TRAC HP & TRU TRAC SU as well as their all-season flex range –  BLU TRAC PC Flex & TRU TRAC SU Flex, are the best-suited tyres for the UK roads.

Armstrong tyres are designed with special tread compounds to provide in the traction through all weathers, in heat and as well during rainy weather. Our tyres have longitudinal grooves to allow for water evacuation, so as to keep the grip strong while driving through water.